Heartland Incubation Hub Programme


Heartland Incubation Hub (HIH) provides support for start-ups at its most critical stage. This support includes office working space (shared and private); idea validation, business model development including registration; mentorship; links to funding agencies; etc. Heartland Incubation Hub (HIH) partners with other hubs to help grow the tech ecosystem in Imo State, the south east region and Nigeria in general. Oluaka and HIH are members of the Innovation Support Network, ISN.

Heartland Incubation Hub (HIH) has supported over 25 startups; hosted over twenty (20) tech meetups with total of about 1500 attendees.It has partnered with Slush Global Accelerator Program; Amazon Web Service (AWS) and others to provide support to startups. Oluaka also organizes summer coding classes for children ages 5-17; summer training for teachers; and residential bootcamps for youths (18 – 30)

Enroll with this course now 308 students enrolled

Oluaka Institute offers Heartland Incubation Hub services or popularly referred to as the Hub.
  1. This Hub has co-working spaces for businesses, entrepreneur and Start-ups to rent these office spaces with going through the pains of looking for office space, paying caretakers or paying for office.
  2. Thinking of how to furnish your office after rent.
  3. Thinking of source of energy or light or power for use.
  4. Thinking of hiring staff etc.
  5. Thinking of hiring security.
  6. Thinking of expansion or having a branch office in the Eastern Part of Nigeria.
So therefore, our Hub has taken all these pains or challenges usually face business in Nigeria.
Our Hub is divided into
  1. Open or Group Co-working Space with 40 seater capacity.
  2. 6 Private Office Space or Co-working Spaces.
  3. Hall rentals for programmes.
  4. Spaces for wedding reception, Church crusade and event gathering or event centres generally.
  5. This Hub also organise Boot Camp, it could be Tech or any other Camps.

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