Heartland Incubation Hub Programme


Heartland Incubation Hub (HIH) provides support for start-ups at its most critical stage. This support includes office working space (shared and private); idea validation, business model development including registration; mentorship; links to funding agencies; etc. Heartland Incubation Hub (HIH) partners with other hubs to help grow the tech ecosystem in Imo State, the south east region and Nigeria in general. Oluaka and HIH are members of the Innovation Support Network, ISN.

Heartland Incubation Hub (HIH) has supported over 25 startups; hosted over twenty (20) tech meetups with total of about 1500 attendees.It has partnered with Slush Global Accelerator Program; Amazon Web Service (AWS) and others to provide support to startups. Oluaka also organizes summer coding classes for children ages 5-17; summer training for teachers; and residential bootcamps for youths (18 – 30)

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HIH Services

What are some of the typical challenges that start-ups and businesses face which are being addressed by Heartland Incubation HUB (HIH)?
  1. Renting an office and furnishing it. HIH solves that problem by providing furnished co-workspaces and private offices for use.
  2. Epileptic power supply by the Power Holding Companies and the need to buy a generator for your rented office. There is steady power supply at HIH which has not only standby generators (diesel & petrol) but also renewable energy (solar) for the offices.
  3. Hiring admin staff such as Front Office staff, cleaners and security guards? HIH provides all that. We have a Front Office Officer who responds to and refers guests of our hub users to them. We have cleaners who clean the offices daily and security operatives work night and day. You don’t have to worry and pay additionally for these services.
  4. You have an office in other parts of the country or other states in the south east and you want to expand to Owerri, and need office space, HIH is the place to go to and be at peace that your staff are not isolated and all on their own.

HIH has the following:

  1. A co-working space that can seat 30-40 people conveniently
  2. 6 private offices that are furnished
  3. Halls for rent for workshops, seminars and trainings. Each hall can seat 50 – 60 persons.
  4. Located within Oluaka Institute, HIH also has access to classrooms that could be used for tutorials.
Oluaka Institute of Technology
Oluaka Institute of Technology