Oluaka Developers Programme


This was launched in April 2018 with the first cohort of 10 software engineers. Oluaka software developers training program focuses on producing a skilled coding workforce to support start-ups and established small businesses. The 3- 6 months program combines classroom teaching with real-life project execution through internships with businesses locally and internationally. Training programmes include web development; graphic designing; python; HTML; computer appreciation etc. Since its inception, Oluaka has trained over two hundred (200) developers.

Oluaka also organizes summer coding classes for children ages 5-17; summer training for teachers; and residential boot camps for youths (18 – 30).

Oluaka Institute of Technology

Oluaka Developers Programme Admission

Oluaka Developers Admission

General Admission Requirements
  1. Basic computer knowledge
  2. Interested student must have finished secondary school.
  3. He/she could be an undergraduate or graduate of a tertiary institution.

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