Whether you are a newbie or you are considering making a career switch, sometimes a lot of factors influence your decisions about career goals.
We understand this and we are always ready to guide you through not just your admission processes but also point you to resources that will help you excel in your careers.
We have established strong partnerships with Local and Foreign industry leading firms, this is to ensure that the skills you get are at par with the standards that is obtainable in within real industries.

In our assessment processes, we try as much as possible to eliminate incentives for cheating/malpractice, this we believe will encourage our students to create innovative products that will solve real life problems in the various communities.
We are project driven!

Our approach encourages that if for any reason whatsoever, a student chooses not to go back to School for either of BSc or Higher National (Innovation) Diploma, the skills already garned at NID level is enough to kickstart a career in a chosen field of interest.